Malabar Coast Mushrooms


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Malabar Coast Mushrooms


Sourced from the southwestern Malabar Coast of India. It is renowned for producing fruiting bodies (mushrooms) of enormous size.


Expect Malabar Coast Magic Mushroom to have an average potency and a quicker onset.


The trip climbs to its peak, which is full of vivid colors and visual effects. Watching a movie or listening to music would be an ideal activity pairing.

Malabar Shooms Trip Report

Psilocybe cubensis malabar coast shooms trip report. Fifteen to twenty minutes in, reality is fading away. Everything is wired up, your arms, hands, fingers, even the tiny nails at your fingertips. You’re a robot, a huge circuit board with flashing strands and lights. Green from head to toe, and covered in conductive tracks. You stand up, moving your arms. It feels robotic, moving smoothly like cogs. But something else is there – something distinctly human.

Malabar Magic Mushroom Information

CAP: Malabar’s cap is 50mm in size, broadly convex to plane at maturity. He’s a yellowish brown in colour, maturing to a darker centre. Its surface is dry, small spots remaining from the universal veil.

GILLS: The gill attachment on this Shroom is adnate to adnexed. It’s greyish in colour, becoming a little darker with age.

STEM: This mushie’s stem is 150mm in length, and a yellowish colour. His flesh bruises bluish green when damaged. He has a persistent membranous annulus that stays tenaciously attached between his cap and stem until full maturity. In some specimens, this never goes away.

SPORESMalabar’s spores are dark purplish brown, and subellipsoid on four-spored basidia. Doesn’t produce many spores.

HABITAT: This exotic Shroom loves a subtropical home, complete with equine dung enriched soils.


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