How Researchers Are Using Taxonomy To Tell The Story Of Mushrooms

Fungi are incredibly diverse organisms, ranging from single-celled structures to complex, multicellular life forms. These creatures can be microscopic or display large, fruiting bodies with extensive underground systems. Buy magic mushrooms Scientists have only identified around 150,000 of an estimated 2.2–3.8 million fungal species to date. As these organisms play critical roles in ecosystem functioning, […]

Spore Syringe, Liquid Culture, Print, Or Swab? What To Use, When, And Why

The world of mycology can be confusing at first. A liquid culture is entirely different from a spore syringe, though they look alike and are often mixed up.  A spore print, on the other hand, is one of the oldest collection and preservation methods.  But it’s not the same as a spore swab. So what makes each option different? When […]

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